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Hello, from the CEO

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our site. I am Khadijah, Human Resources and Leadership Development expert. I operate as a strategic business partner focused on enhancing the human capital of an organization. 


I am a SOLUTION provider engaged in all levels of employee relations to drive BOTTOM LINE results by reducing financial risks that come with people management, and my team and I work hard to help you keep AND grow the bag you’ve worked so hard to secure!


We encounter clients at all different stages of business but there's one thing we have found to be the same..

Each of our clients have come to us because they have found themselves in the delicate space where transformation happens.  I am proud of the program we have designed to serve our clients in such a unique way. We understand your challenges, stand beside you in the most difficult of times and celebrate all of your wins! Our signature service, Audit to Infrastructure, was specifically designed to bring organization and structure to your team in order to increase productivity, efficiency and growth and minimize the challenges that come with managing a team. 


We can't wait to serve you!


You will find...

many online coaches and experts that will simply set up a "VIP day" and send you off with some notes and generic templates on how to implement what you two planned together, but not here at ATN. Here we do the work for you giving you the time back you so desperately want and need and thats what makes us different!

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"Khadijah is the definition of a professional! She helps busy professionals create a work environment their employees can thrive in. Her Audit to Infrastructure service will gather your whole business. Be ready to hear constructive criticism. It is all done with love and passion. When she is done you will be grateful for guidance. She is worth EVERY penny. I finally have peace of mind."



CEO at Nouvel Creative Solutions & Karmen's Kitchen Care