ATN Human Resources Consulting is a boutique HR consulting firm based out of the Kansas City area. At ATN, we combine our expertise and passion for business infrastructure and human resources in order to help small businesses that are experiencing rapid growth, build scalable and sustainable operations.  


Our clients come to us because they understand how important it is to have business infrastructure in place in order to standardize operations for a consistent experience for not only their clients and customers, but their employees as well. 

SERVICE 1: Investment starts at $6500 (payment plans available) 

Audit to Infrastructure- An 8-12 week program that assists our clients with the initial development of HR departments through analyzing their current business operational practices, implementing a 7-step process to develop solid business infrastructure and training and developing their teams for efficiency, increased productivity and excellence. 


Investment starts at $500

Complete Gusto Set Up- Say farewell to the days of paying your team through PayPal or even worse Cash App. ATN can help you establish legitimacy through a complete payroll set up using our preferred payroll provider.


For an additional fee, our team is also able to convert existing 1099 contractors into W-2 employees in order to bring your company into compliance with IRS regulations regarding worker classification. 

SERVICE 3 - $250

Employee Handbook- An employee handbook is an important communications tool that provides a clear and concise explanation of an organization’s policies and procedures.  If your organization doesn’t have written policies and procedures that are implemented in a consistent and fair manner, chances are your supervisors are making personnel decisions on a case-by-case basis with no written guidelines.  


ATN provides a service that results in a complete, well planned professionally written Employee Handbook tailored to a client’s specific needs. 

*We are also able to complete handbooks/company guides for independent contractors as well

Complacency is Costing you...


 According to Gallup, disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity and 15% lower profitability. When that translates into dollars, you're looking at the cost of 34% of a disengaged employee's annual salary, or $3,400 for every $10,000 they make. How much money are you spending on disengaged employees?


Khadijah and the ATN staff are amazing!

"She consistently shows up for company anticipating our needs and supporting our staff. During my transition from solo-preneur to CEO and manager Khadijah held me accountable and responsible. I am forever grateful for her hiring services. She helped me find the staff that helped me exceed 6-figures a month. ATN is my business angel. They are reason my business runs."



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