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How To Hire

This workshop will cover how to hire your first employee or turn your contractors into employees!

During the workshop we will cover the following: 

  • How much does it cost to have employees  

  • What registrations do I need to be an official employer and how to file for the registration numbers 

  • What laws do I have to follow now that I’m an employer 

  • What paperwork or records do I need to get from my employees

  • What’s the best way to do payroll as a small business

  • What should I have in place before I hire people

Hello, from the CEO

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our site. I am Khadijah, Human Resources and Leadership Development expert. I operate as a strategic business partner focused on enhancing the human capital of an organization. 


I am a SOLUTION provider engaged in all levels of employee relations to drive BOTTOM LINE results by reducing financial risks that come with people management, and my team and I work hard to help you keep AND grow the bag you’ve worked so hard to secure!

You will find...

many online coaches and experts that will simply set up a "Workshop" and send you off with some notes and generic templates on how to implement what you two planned together, but not here at ATN. Here we do the work for you giving you the time back you so desperately want and need and thats what makes us different!


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